for joining the wait list for my creative writing course

The course is being created now. It will go through a beta phase over the summer, and I expect it to be ready to launch next fall.
Because you are on my wait list, you’ll be notified when the course is available before anyone else. Only a small number of slots will be available.

In the meantime, you may be interested in my creative writing workbooks. They will lead you through the basics of good storytelling by having a look at two of the essential elements of a good story:

3-Act Story Structure by Sarah Zama - This booklet breaks down the 3-Act Story Structure, the most common and oldest of all forms of storytelling.

3-Act Story Structure

We tend to overlook the story structure because it may seem too technical, but a solid structure will take your story to the next level and create an irresistible plot.

The cover of the workbook is in the cobalt tone. With the profile of a girl with long hair on one side and the title in a lighter rectangle on the other.

Character Creation

In the Protagonist Builder I just scratched the surface of what characters do for the story. This workbook goes into far more detail about building characters and how to use them effectively.