GHOST THROUGH THE CRACKS Characters Speak - Meet my characters, their dreams, their fears, their stories - Sarah Zama Author of Historical Fantasy set in the 1920s

Susie has never thought she might want something different from the lush, carefree life Simon has offered her, but when Blood walks into Simon’s speakeasy, he brings a completely new world of self-expression to her. And a fight that breaks through the walls of life into the spirit world.

There are things the characters never revealed in the story. Come discover it


A story of loss and finds. Of friendships, secrets and discoveries, mixed in the jazzy smoke of speakeasies and the streets of the Black Belt of Chicago at the height of the Jazz Age.

(Work in Progres)

Sinéad O’Flanagan

When I left Ireland, I left nothing behind. I’m the last of my family, a family of midwives and healers.
When I came to Chicago, everything was new and different, but I thought maybe it should be this way. Maybe my path was to build a new life in a New World.
Life is so strange, you know? It has the weirdest way to guide you.

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