3-Act Story Structure


The 3-Act Story Structure is the most common and oldest of all forms of Storyteling.


You don’t know you need a novel worksheet until you need a novel worksheet.
This is what I found out when I shifted from writing short stories to writing novels.

Novels are very complex pieces of storytelling. So much goes on in a novel: threads, plot twists, characters’ arc, character building. I tried to keep everything in mind, but at a certain point, about halfway through, I realised I simply couldn’t keep up with just my memory.

That was when I first started to use templates.
Templates are wonderful for organising information about your novel. I like them because they are essential, fluff-free. They focus on the very important stuff and keep everything tidy and accessible.

And this is what this writing planner is all about: working out the essentials.
There’s nothing more essential than the 3-Act Story Structure that’s at the base of all kinds of storytelling. Get your beginning, climax and end straight, and you’re halfway to finishing your novel.
Story structure is so important in creating a story that is strong and cohesive. A story that progresses logically and gives the reader a sense of progression, which engages them more fully.

3-Act-Story-Structure-(graphics)-structure - A guide to roles and length of the different parts of a story.

This novel worksheet will help you do just that: start with the right foot, knowing where you’re going, so that your mind will be free to give attention to all those emotional things that make a novel worth reading.


1 front cover and 1 back cover
4 pages guide
3 Act I building pages
2 Act II building pages
3 Act III building pages
1 page notes


3-Act-Story-Structure-(graphics)-sizez - This novel planning printable workbook is available in three different sizes.

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