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Before the First Line

What are the elements that you really need to know before you start writing your new story? The ones that will make your writing process smoother and more effective?
Discover them here.

The cover of the workbook is in the cobalt tone. With the profile of a girl with long hair on one side and the title in a lighter rectangle on the other.

Character Creation

How to write memorable and relatable characters? This workbook quides you thorugh the most common best practices in character creation.
Create characters that feel real, and your reader will love and root for.

3-Act Story Structure by Sarah Zama - This booklet breaks down the 3-Act Story Structure, the most common and oldest of all forms of storytelling.

3-Act Story Structure

This workbook doesn’t teach you how to write an outline. It guides you in creating a roadmap that will allow you to navigate your story even when you feel lost and confused. A roadmap is the best chance at finishing a story.