Historytellers – Info for Authors

The purpose for authors to take part in the scavenger hunt is to generate interest and traffic to their blogs. To take part in the hunt

  1. you need to have a blog
  2. you need to post to your blog and
  3. link to other blogs taking part.

The hunt requires presenting your story and some form of exclusive content in the post to your blog and to provide one digital copy of your book to include in the grand prize.
The exclusive content may be a deleted scene from the book, a character’s interview, a short story, or an excerpt from an upcoming story. But you are welcome to offer more to the readers, such as an additional giveaway, swags, or a special discount on the occasion of the hunt.

Here are the participation requirements:

  1. Each participating author must provide one digital copy of their novel to be included in the grand prize.
  2. Each participating author must provide exclusive content on the post that will be part of the hunt.
  3. Each participating author must guarantee to update and keep their blog operating for the duration of the hunt. If you have joined, but you realise you won’t be able to take part in the hunt, please communicate this within ten days of the scavenger hunt date (Thursday 7 March).
  4. The author should be available via email or social media DM throughout the duration of the hunt (one day) in case any problem arises.
  5. On the day of the hunt (Sunday 17 March), the dedicated post should be the first in the author’s blog feed.


Please share the scavenger hunt link on the day before and no later than the day of with all your social media and NL subscribers.



1.) To take part, please email me, Sarah Zama at oldshelter@yahoo.com

2.) If you have a Bookfunnel account, please send the link to your book to me. Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger has created a Bookfunnel Book Bundle and will post your link in the bundle for the winner.

3.) If you do not have a Bookfunnel account, you will be responsible in sending the eBook to the winner with a copy to me to make sure it’s gone out.

4.) I will provide you with a number to post into your blog (see template). Please make certain that the number is easy to find for readers.

5.) All posts must be up on March 11th.

6.) I will provide you with the link to the next blog.

7.) We will test the circuit on March 14th.

8.) The scavenger hunt takes place from 00:00am to 11:59pm EST. All entries from paricipants are due by 11:59 EST.

10.) The winner will be drawn and announced on Monday 18 March

11.) The winner’s name will be posted (First name and last initial only) on all blogs with a congratulations.

12.) The Link to the Bookfunnel bundle and / or all additional eBook links will be delivered to the winner no later than March 20th, 11:59pm.


See a post template for the scavenger hunt.