The Bonecaster’s Coin

Just for the fun of it cover

Just for the fun of it cover

Chicago, 1926

When Michael sees his brother Blood sprint away through the streets of the Black Belt, he doesn’t question. He just follows him.
The two brothers find Sinéad cornered in a stockroom by an angry mob and help her escape.

One week later, they find her again on a night out at a black-and-tan speakeasy. Sinéad trusts Michael enough to show him something that has been frightening her: a one-hundred-year old coin a friend entrusted to her. Michael and Blood’s reaction to it tells her they also feel the presence: the soul of an Indian woman is trapped in the coin and seeking revenge, and Sinéad knows she has to find a way to sooth that soul, or someone will die. If this means digging her past and her bones up, then she’ll have to cope with it.

Michael is willing to help Sinéad handle the coin and the ghost, as Blood realises the ghost is connected to the speakeasy. The person in danger might be someone on the staff. In order to help Sinéad, Michael must face and embrace memories he’s been trying hard to forget: the rez, the loss, the wars, the dead.


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