For an author, the support of a community is invaluable. We live in the best possible world for an author, who can now write and publish their work with their own strenght. No longer do we need to seek for a publisher, we can do the job and let the word out, all by ourself.

But this is also the worst possible world for us, because just like us, all authors can write a book a put it out there. That title will become just one among millions (literary millions) of other titles. Without the help of a publisher to support us, we can only count on our feble voice to let the news out.

But there’s magic in coming together.

If you are on this page, maybe you’ve learned about my story and like the idea enough to consider reading it. Maybe you already read it (in which case, I love you!). In both cases, you might want to share this experience with others.
It would be awesome. It would be invaluable for me as the author of this story. It may eventually even help me writing more stories that you might enjoy reading.

If you are considering sharing the experience, I’ve created something that may help you do it. You just need a click, it’s very easy. Just choose the tweet or the image you like the most and click!

Thanks. You’re awesome!


The smoke stung her eyes.That was unusual. Smoke normally didn’t bother her #HistoricalFiction Click To Tweet

Give in to the Feeling (Instagram)

There's more than gangsters and jazz hidden in the dusk of Susie's speakeasy #shortstory #histfic Click To Tweet




Sarah Zama Author (Facebook)

Simon was her mentor. Her protector. They were lovers,she trusted him. Didn't she? #supernatural Click To Tweet


Give in to the Feeling Storyboard

Susie has never thought she might want something different from the lush, carefree life Simon has offered her, but when Blood walks into Simon’s speakeasy, he brings a completely new world of self-expression to her. And a fight that breaks through the walls of life into the spirit world

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