Before the First Line (bundle)


A powerful combination of information and templates to learn how to start a novel that has everything it takes to be completed

Imagine starting to write a story, and after the first few chapters, your steam fades. Other ideas pop up, and you are more excited about them than the story you are writing.
So you start to doubt. What if this story I’m writing is a waste of time? What if I never finish it? Should I drop it now and go after a new idea?

And this is when you actually start to write. Not knowing whether you’ll finish a project might be the very reason you never start.

But what if I told you that you don’t need to take up a project blindly?
What if I told you you might indeed know with reasonable certainty that a story has everything it takes to get finished before you even start writing it?

Stories have their strengths and their flaws. We often start writing without thinking about it. But if we take a hard look at it before starting to work on our project, we might save ourselves a lot of false starts and finish almost all the stories we start writing.

Before the First LIne by Sarah Zama - Learn how to start a novel that you'll be able to finish

This workbook helps you do just that. Here, you’ll find sections that will help you focus on the few elements you absolutely need to pin down and build a story that has everything it takes to get finished.

From the potentials of the initial idea, to the basic story structure, to the cast of characters. This is what makes a story workable, and if you pin this down at the beginning, there’s no reason why it won’t carry you to the end (well, there may be a reason, but that depends entirely on you).

The workbook is complete with a short guide that will help you make the most out of the templates included.


10 pages of introduction
1 page character ID
3 pages background
1 page personality traits
2 pages character’s timeline
2 page character’s motives
2 pages Character Arc



Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to print the files correctly.
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This workbook can be instantly downloaded then imported into your favourite note-taking app (like Goodnotes or Notability), where you’ll be able to write on it with an apple pencil or a stylus as on a paper workbook. Some PDF programs also allow doing the same thing.


In this book, you’ll find all the elements that make up a workable story.
They are not many, but if you can pin them down when you start working on your new project, at the very beginning, before you even write the first line of your story, they will guide you all through the journey to the very end.

Is my idea good enough to carry a story? What characteristics does my protagonist need to lead the plot? Is my antagonist taking the right actions to make the story a page-turner?

While the actual plot will unfold as you write, these few elements, when worked out at the beginning, will give you a good indication that the story is solid enough to be completed. And as a road map, they will point you in the right direction every time you falter.

The writing process is always tough and shaky. Having a roadmap to guide us – especially in moments of doubt or uncertainty – is a huge help, and it may be the difference between finishing the story or abandoning it.

This bundle includes the ebook and the workbook. It’s a powerful combination that will help you set down the foundation of your story and the way you’ll work on it.


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