Before the First Line



Planning your book… without planning it.

The romantic idea about writing says that we just sit at our computer and idea will appear from thin air, and we’ll just have to write them down.
The actuality of writing is that it takes a lot of hard work – even when ideas do appear from thin air.

A lot of that hard work happens in the editing process and its many revisions and rewrites. But we can make things easier. Rather than sort out the material from the first draft and try to match everything in the editing process, we can give some thoughts to just a few essential elements before we even write the first line.

It is crazy how much time it will save, even to discovery writers. It isn’t real planning – although it may very easily be turned into planning if that works for you. But if it doesn’t, give only a few minutes of consideration to these few elements of the story before starting writing will clear our mind and guide us in our writing process even if we don’t realise it.

These few considerations will save us time and long rewritings, and will allow us to write faster while making our stories more solid.

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