A 1920s Novella

Even in sparkling Jazz Age Chicago, spirits can trick you into believing they’re men

When Susie comes to Jazz Age America, she knows her life will change. Back in China, spirits mingle in the mists of the rice fields and trick humans into believing they’re men in order to steal their souls, and the expectations of a daughter are unimportant and ignored. But in Chicago, Simon gives her the carefree life of the New American Woman, the freedom to dress daringly and do things once reserved only for men--drinking, smoking and dancing with strangers. It’s an exciting life and she considers the loyalty Simon demands of her a small price to pay.

Until she meets a man called Blood.

Blood lets Susie speak her mind and listen to her heart. He commits himself to her and asks nothing in return. Through his eyes, Susie begins to see her loyalty to Simon as the bars around her “freedom”. But she knows Simon will never let her go.
But even in Chicago, spirits mingle in the smoke and jazz of speakeasies and trick humans into believing they’re men. They can still steal their souls. And if Susie doesn’t see the spirits behind the masks of the men fighting over her, she might lose much more than her freedom.



She placed the little parcel on the bar bench and unwrapped it, the thin paper whispering in the bright silence of the boudoir. Inside, was a comb made of bone.

Her stepdaughter’s birthday was approaching and she had found the perfect gift for her

Inspired by a Halloween Short Story Challenge
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Ghost Trilogy is a ghost story, set in Chicago Black Belt, happening from early September 1926 to late April 1927.

The story is mostly set inside the Old Shelter, a speakeasy hidden in a building which has been haunted by a ghost for almost one hundred years.
Adam Brailsfield owns the club… and the ghost. The ghost has been connected to his family for a few generations and he fears it’s turning him mad as – rumour has it – it did to his grandfather.
Sinéad O’Flanagan was entrusted with a coin by a friend, so she could give that coin to a niece of the giver. But the coin seems to drag her again and again to the Old Shelter.
Michael and Blood meet Sinéad on a night out and they all end up at the Old Shelter. Blood and Michael have a strong bond with the worlds of spirits. They realise the ghost is not merely haunting the place, it seeks revenge over the Brailsfields, and the power of that curse is set deep inside Sinéad’s coin. If they let themselves be involved with the ghost, the curse might bend their life too – but they may also be able to break it.

The trilogy is complete, although the three novels are at different stages of revision. I’m currently working at the final revision of the first book.

Ghostly Smell Around
A Restless Soul Is Poking
Breaking the Walls

The trilogy is complete, although the three novels are at different stages of revision. I’m currently working at the final revision of the first book.



Still at a very early stage of planning, Bones of the Titans will be set in Weimar Berlin, 1924. It will include an ancient curse, a few murders and lots of characters with lots of secrets.


Set in Germany, in 1924, this is a story dealing with growing as a person, coping with loss and finding a new way in life. 
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