Chicago 1924

When Susie arrived from China two years ago, she brought some truths with her. A woman’s value depends on how useful she is to her man and his family. Spirits may trick you into believing they’re humans and steal your soul before you ever realize you’re in any danger.

She soon finds out things may be very different in Chicago. Simon gives her a lush carefree life, the New Woman’s freedom to dance, dress daringly and behave as she pleases. Susie thinks the loyalty he demands in return is a small price – until one night she meets Blood in Simon’s speakeasy and he asks her, what do you feel? What do you think?

But Simon will never allow her to forget what she owns to him and Susie finds herself fighting off her love for Blood even as the realization slowly blooms inside herself that her value as a person doesn’t depend on any man. Along with the awareness that some things are the same even in Chicago: Spirits can still trick you into believing they’re men.


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